Robert Sheckley, The Status Civilization

Robert Sheckley – The Status Civilization   I have clearly read this book before, I wonder how many years ago since I didn’t remember almost anything of the twists and discoveries the author has reserved for the reader. It’s a light and short reading (around 100 pages), available at project Gutenberg, proof read by volunteers […]

What If?

Two “what if” stories Poul Anderson – Brain Wave “What if?” What if the current limits of the human brain, as shaped up by its evolution, were kept under an inhibitor field? What if this field would be lifted, and the neural connections would speed up at rates unknown to mankind yet, leading to an […]

Frank Herbert, The Jesus Incident

Frank Herbert – The Jesus Incident Frank Herbert’s style is very particular, in this book. You identify with it or you don’t. The world he creates brings many questions concerning humanity and divinity, questions left in the reader’s mind after you finish it. I’m not convinced by the writing, unfortunately, which doesn’t seem to me […]

Oscar Wilde, ghost short story

Oscar Wilde – The Canterville Ghost An American politician and his family buy an English manor, and its… ghost, of course. The century-old family ghost is part of the deal, as the lord selling the house would not keep its existence from the buyer. This is a very entertaining short story. The story is public […]

Library Toy

I wrote blogs or blog-type posts and books presentations or reviews here or there, losing track of them as time passes. I kept lists of books in desktop applications or web sites, and of course, I’ve lost track of them as time passes. I wrote stories, and they’re somewhere on computers and notebooks. The purpose […]